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Do you daydream about having your very first solo jump? If so, you'll love training to become a certified solo skydiver at Skydiving Over Austin freefall school!

Earning the right to be a solo sky diver is easier than you think! You will start with a 7 to 8 level Accelerated Free Fall course that will teach you everything you need to know about skydiving in Austin. From beginning to end, you will have professional sky diving instructors ensuring that every maneuver taught is properly performed while in free fall. Each level requires that you know the maneuvers and techniques taught and execute them successfully prior to moving on to the next.In skydiving school, you'll be tested on your ability to understand safety techniques and your in-flight skills. You'll take several jumps alongside professional skydiving instructors as part of your skydiving school training.

About Our Accelerated FreeFall Program

For the first few dives each AFF trainee will be hung on to by their trainers. Once the freefall section of their dive has ended and they are able to launch their parachute, the trainers will begin their separation. These initial category skydives are called "Harness Hold Training," due to the Skydive Georgia AFF trainers' no physical connection to the student aside from the their own grip. Once the student's parachute is deployed, the instructors fly away and deploy their own canopies to coast separately.

Students in the AFF program are expected to pull their canopies at an altitude of 5,500 feet. In the event that the student does not deploy their parachute at the correct AGL, the instructors will attempt to use hand signals to advise the student to release the chute. If the student continues to experience trouble, our coaches will aid their student by physically placing the student's hand on the pilot chute release. If this doesn't work, the coach will deploy the parachute for the student. The instructor has the prerogative to deploy the student's main parachute at any time the student looks at risk. Additional "pull" handles are installed on student gear providing additional accessibility for instructors.

As soon as the student has exhibited their capacity to release their parachute and are able to showcase fundamental flying and landing skills, they will have the chance to progress to higher AFF levels. On release skydives there is a chance that an instructor might not be able to dock and help at pull time, so it is important that the student has already learned the skills needed to pull on their own.

The Accelerated Freefall Course is, without a doubt, the most safe and secure skydiving educational training in the United States. Every trainer has a minimum altitude or "hard deck" at which they MUST release their own parachute. This ensures the security of the instructor and fellow divers. The student rig is armed with an "Automatic Activation Device" (AAD) that fires the reserve parachute once the student passes the activation altitude at free fall velocities. Although the AAD feature is rarely used, each student's safety is of greatest importance and it serves as a vital precaution.

Skydiving Over Austin's Accelerated Freefall Certification course utilizes sequential levels that improve each individual skill as the lesson proceeds. Initially, trainers have the opportunity to use hand signals to address the student's body placement during the fall, and subsequent guidance to correct form after the dive, ensuring a comprehensive building of correct body mechanics as the instructors freefall with the trainee. Following the first levels, a student is paired to one trainer for one on one personal learning. This training consists of illustration of freefall positions, turns, flips, restoring balance from instability and body movement. Every trainee will be asked to perform the learned motions during flight with his or her instructor.

Our instructors ascertain when the trainee has passed the requirements or "Targeted Learning Objectives" (TLOs) for each level. During Accelerated FreeFall jumps, the student will have radio contact with ground staff who instruct students with maneuvers under their canopy; however the student must possess the skills for a solo landing in the event that the radio malfunctions.

All Accelerated FreeFall Students will be given an application and encouraged to sign up with the USPA before finishing their AFF training course. Embark upon your ultimate journey! Call Skydiving Over Austin at 512-366-5960 and register in skydiving school today!