Sky Diving gift vouchers are an unique and clever way to show someone special how you feel. Stop with the monotonous gifts and send them skydiving in Austin for any occasion!

Whenever you learn to tandem skydive, you'll spend about 30 minutes training to ensure you understand the mechanics of sky diving in Austin. After your training, you'll be fitted into a special harness and then be prepped to board the plane in preparation of your big jump. It only takes a few minutes for the jumping airplane to reach the required 14,000 feet in altitude. For most people, that second when the door to the plane opens up and they can see Austin, Texas from this height is the most exhilarating and heart-pounding experience they'll have.

Get ready to step outside of the aircraft with your skilled, incredibly trained skydiving trainer as you fall at rates which can certainly reach 120 miles an hour heading down! During your tandem skydive in Austin, the freefall you'll experience can last about 60 seconds and you'll get a four to seven minute canopy ride as you make your way right into the dropzone. You'll land as smoothly as possible then, you'll have the opportunity to say you skydived! You can easily feel the excitement of skydiving or give a gift certificate for skydiving to let someone else get the fun.

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