Jealous of something a friend may have done and you want to prove a point? Let us help you. Want to experience life "outside the box"? Call us – we know how you can. Want to encounter an extraordinary feeling like no other? We here at Skydiving Over Austin can offer you the ultimate in choices for fulfilling those dreams. We definitely know how to offer unique kinds of activities for your vacation, special treat and just about whatever reason you choose.

If you wish to get into the sport of skydiving and learn it via a step by step process (through the easiest method), then choosing the tandem skydiving option is key. Texas in general has one of the best skydiving areas for soaring, diving and the ultimate landing. The training and guidance session for the tandem skydive is at most 15-20 minutes of ground instruction. All that is required is for you to arrive a little earlier than your take-off time to facilitate this mini-training.

Feel the thrills of jumping from a distance of around 14,000 feet above ground. How exciting and thought provoking is that? No need to worry as you will be attached directly to a certified skydiver who knows exactly how to do their job. The freefall will last up to 60 seconds-yes just a minute! Be sure to reach the drop zone at least an hour before the take-off so you can get the relevant dressing, preparation of dive, and final steps prior to boarding the aircraft. You will board with your coach, as well as up to 8 other divers.

Be the coolest person you know and step up to the dive!

Celebrate that special occasion in style and class and create a lifelong memory. Call us today and book your tandem skydiving ticket for an amazing experience.

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