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Blame yourself if you miss that epic moment of your life...the first jump! Book a video option today!
Videographer will be on set to record your ultimate jump.
Your moment of Texas joy and amazement is recorded in your life's book.

Relive the memories of your skydiving adventure with friends and family by adding a skydiving video option to your jump.

You will certainly never forget your first tandem skydiving jump in Austin. Wouldn't it really be great to be able to pull up a tangible version of your experience with a Austin skydiving video package? Show your skeptical friends and family how fun tandem skydiving can really be. Capture the best time of your life on video with the addition of a video package to your tandem skydiving jump!

For your skydive, ensure you reserve the services of the videographer so the availability options will be outlined to you. Give that extra expression and feeling of your dive so your friends and family will get really jealous of the fun you had and decide to join in. Seal the deal by having a first hand live and direct video with the select videographer right after landing to give the finishing touches to your shoot. The best part is that you get to select the soundtrack you want to add to your video. A "mission impossible" for entrance with a "goal accomplished" sounding would make the deal perfect. But to achieve this, you must ensure that you call and reserve your videographer so you won't miss a thing.