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The best place to learn how to sky dive is Skydiving Over Austin.

Jumping alone from an aircraft from a distance of 10,000+ above ground level is an experience like no other. With the Accelerated Freefall training program or the tandem skydiving program that Skydiving Over Austin provides we fully prepare you for the whole experience. The experience of skydiving will leave every diver with a memory of momentary fear,a tantalizing tingle and a special memory of doing something outside the "norm". The training program here at Skydiving Over Austin offers:

Prerequisites for Accelerated Freefall

As AFF is a strenuous and demanding course, it is necessary that new students fulfill the following standard criteria:

  • A certification in tandem and AFF skydiving
  • Training from professional and expert skydivers
  • You learn new skills and techniques about the aspects of skydiving and what each step entails
  • You can become professionally trained to start making a living from skydiving
  • After completing the course, you can always go solo and yes – unattached to an instructor and your jump will always be unimpeded.
  • Skydiving Over Austin provides you with a United States Parachute Association 'A' License which will make you achieve an amazing level of freedom in flying and jumping.

You will get the chance of meeting other skydiving enthusiasts as your class will be a mixture of persons from all over the country. They all have the same passion as you in wanting to become a trained professional skydiver. With the skydiving school that Skydiving Over Austin provides, you will get the chance to master all levels of the skydiving sport from boarding and parachute handling to being aware of the altitude and know how to keep your composure through the whole fall. The school provides you with additional life skills that you thought impossible.

Criteria for the Accelerated Freefall

In order to be enrolled in the AFF program and complete the relevant courses, you will need to pass all the following assessments:

  • Age 18 or over
  • Provide proof of being physically fit
  • Weighs under 240 lbs.
  • Provide proof of medical certificate from a certified healthcare professional outlining your health status

How To Earn Your USPA License

The class sessions are divided with on the ground training as well as air training. During the first stages of this course, you will get the necessary concept of ascending in a safe manner. You will be taught the basic skills and tools needed to maneuver yourself since you will be experiencing your first solo jump. You will go through the processes of handling the attached equipment and tools for effective functioning. This will be done with the aid of a personal coach who upon realizing that you can manage your equipment practically and on your own, will arrange a guided solo flight. They will guide the whole process from safety in take-off to how you handle the initial landing. After a couple of extensive training periods, you will have the ability to not only do a simple jump but you will master the art of performing extra skills. These include amazing gliding and backflips – just how much cooler can skydiving get?

Through the program you will learn:

  • How to access and maneuver your gear
  • Understanding your parachute from packing up to releasing
  • How to effectively site airplanes
  • How to easily maneuver yourself in the case of added flips or unplanned movements

There are seven (7) levels of training involved in the AFF program and at the 6th level, you will finally go solo! Once your instructor has verified that you have the necessary skill set to achieve this, they will arrange for your solo jump assessment. You will still have your coach in case you need assistance but they will be assessing your jump to see if you have passed the necessary guidelines. Your overall performance (including a total of 25 jumps and other activities provided by the trainer) will help to determine if you are eligible to receive your USPA 'A' License.

What is the USPA

This is the United States Parachute Association which issues skydiving licenses and certification to trained skydivers. They help to organize and set the processes by which persons are assessed and as such, they determine who is readily fit to be a part of the skydiving industry. They offer up to a license grading of 'A-D'. 'A' is granted after 25 jumps and 'D' is offered after 500 jumps which shows the ever increasing levels of skydiving.

Earn Your License Through Skydiving Over Austin

We here at Skydiving Over Austin will help you achieve your skydiving license and certification. Our program is one of the best across the country as we are not short on offering the highest level of training through our programs. Start your journey into excellence and let Skydiving Over Austin help you today. Feel free to contact us today and learn about our AFF program.