What is the required age for skydiving in Austin?

The age limit for first time skydivers is 18 years of age. This is due mainly to the fact that a waiver would have to be signed by each participant before entrance. A waiver is a legal document thus the legal age within the United States would need to be accomplished. This goes for all skydiving ventures in Austin, Texas and the wider network within United States.

How much does a skydiving jump cost?

The pricing for jumps depends on the skydive package you choose and reserve. Within Austin Texas, the best pricing is for the tandem jumps, it also depends on the time of year you reserve. To get more info on the direct pricing, contact our sales department today and a representative will be more than happy to assist you.

Can I have my skydiving jump recorded?

Of course! Who wouldn't want to have that moment in their life's history book! Skydiving Over Austin has skydiving videoing options which you can ask about during your booking and/or reservation. Our video packages involves a recording from the plane to the skydive landing.

Once reserved, a videographer will be assigned to your jump and will capture the whole moment. The videographer will also land just a little before you so they can capture the complete landing experience.

Can we bring our personal cameras?

Sure! You can snap the moments before and after your dive from ground level but we discourage the use of personal cameras during the jump.

How high will I soar for the jump?

You will in most cases climb to a height as high as 14,000 feet for a tandem skydiving jump. After jumping into your freefall, you will go an estimated 120 mph and then you will slow as you approach landing for maximum safety.

Can my groups jump all at once?

As much as possible, we work to work to facilitate the simultaneous group jump of your selected group. Because all divers cannot exit the plane at once, we place the wait time slightly between each jump to maximize on divers' safety. Though you all will be free falling simultaneously, you won't have the same time landing. You will free fall together but at different intervals.

Can I take friends/family won't don't want to jump?

Of course! For sure you would want your friends and family to watch you from a distance as you have the time of your life. They will have to stay at ground level as non-jumpers are not allowed on the plane.