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Our team here at Austin Skydiving is full of experts and skydiving enthusiasts who help you to achieve the most amazing lifetime experience. They will help in connecting you with the greatest available tandem, solo and advanced level freefall experience in skydiving through the Austin skies and below. You don’t have to just imagine soaring to heights of 14,000 feet as we create that moment for you.

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Tandem Skydiving in Austin


Get the ultimate adrenaline rush when you get the perfect introduction to Tandem Skydiving. This once in a lifetime experience can only be made perfect if you join the team here at Skydiving Over Austin. You get to feel the pleasure and exhilaration with the safest and most structured freefall skydiving over the Texas area. It is one of the most exciting and cherished ventures you could ever imagine. It leaves your whole body with an unexplainable feeling of elation (in a good way of course!) for possibly years to come.

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Austin Skydiving School


Has skydiving always been your passion but you can’t get the perfect guidance and training you need? Let us at Austin Skydiving School help you achieve all of that. Our skydiving institution offers courses in two areas of solo skydiving training, Accelerated Freefall (AFF) and Tandem Progression. We test your knowledge and skills and help to determine the right course for you. It doesn’t matter the kind of help or knowledge you need, here at the Austin Skydiving School, we have all the solutions.

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Austin Skydiving Gift Certificates


Want to celebrate in style this year? Why not choose from one of our skydiving gift certificates and get to experience a body-thrilling adventure across the Austin Skies. You get a great warranty deal with our skydiving certificates as they are still valid up to two (2) years after purchase. You can choose from our many packages including, an advanced course certificate, a tandem skydive certificate or one of many offerings of skydiving features available. Psst!!! We offer discounts but you can only get it if you contact us.

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Austin Skydiving Videos


Be the envy of your friends and family by recording your skydiving experience and showing off to them from as soon as the jump ends. Choosing from one of our popular skydiving videoing options, you can get the amazing first-person perspective camera which records every second of your jump with audio features as well. You can choose to have your videos pre-formatted as well to have that “raw” footage if you desire. And yeah, they are social media friendly videos so they can be shared.

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Austin is a city located in the state of Texas and is well known for its music scene and laid back lifestyle. If you make the decision to participate in a jump here, it will soon become apparent that skydiving over Austin is an experiment in awesomeness. You may get a look at Lake Travis and Mount Bonnell. Or even get to see the Texas State Capitol or Barton Creek. No matter what you have occasion to get a glimpse of, we can assure you of the fact that a skydive with us over Austin is nothing short of epic and amazing! Give us a call today to skydive in Austin with us, !

Skydiving over Austin offers the highest quality and the most exciting feeling ever with their high-flying, adrenaline-based activity featured tandem skydiving. Not many people can say they have experienced this venture and for sure, they are missing out. We cater to individual and groups needs with our specialized airplanes and world class facilities for skydiving by:

  • Offering individual skydiving experiences
  • Offering groups (even with over 50 persons) skydiving moments

This can be dream turned into a reality if you get that phone and call right now to speak with one of our trained professional skydiving staff members. They can provide you with the necessary details you need to make arrangements for you to experience this amazing experience.

Austin is a city like no other. Not only is it the capital of Texas, but also has a long historical existence from its incorporation in 1839. It is recorded as the 11th largest city within the United States and boasts a population of over 840,000 people. It is located within the Travis County and is the homeland for many existing fortune 500 companies who have established their headquarters and regional offices here. From Google, Apple, eBay and so many others, Austin is certainly not short on amazing facts, features and fun-filled parks to relax and unwind. With these many features of Austin, how do you feel about falling from the sky? Yes, we’re serious…in a joking way! You will fall from the sky but with more of an exciting feeling than frightened. Here at Austin Skydiving, we help make your travelling, vacation and living experience more memorable. Contact ; ?> today and let us help you soar through the Austin air with a skydiving experience and grasp more of what the city has to offer.


Share your passion and love for the skydiving sport with other enthusiasts from around the world in our advanced level training courses. We offer the best in quality services and safety in:

  • Having our drop zones (affiliate-based) certified by the United States Parachuting Association (USPA).
  • Working with USPA-licensed instructional staffing
  • Fully equipped with effective rigs that are designed with an Automatic Activation Device (AAD) which increases maximum safety during each dive.

Many skydiving centers across the country uses the Beechcraft King Air (double engine) and the Cessna 208 Caravan which provides more sheltering for larger groups. This type of aircraft is designed to provide adequate spacing during altitude climbing. A lot of the other drop zone areas however, prefer to use the Cessna 182 as they provide a more personal touch for persons choosing the individual skydiving. The aircraft we at Skydiving Over Austin use are approved by the FAA. They routinely go through a customary and technical one-year inspection. Also, on a day-to-day basis, we ensure our professionally trained pilot staff examine and check each aircraft so as to maintain a high level of security and provide you the best experience.


Whether your choice is to go tandem or solo, we’ve got you covered and are associated drop zones are more than equipped with the necessary resources to facilitate the dive. Both the Tandem Skydiving and the Accelerated Freefall (AFF) are completely different and as such, the preparation timing, equipment, dive strategies and instructions differ.

Tandem Skydiving:

  • Has a short briefing course outlining how it works and what is needed to complete the activity (about 20 minutes educational period).
  • You will be coupled with a trained professional tandem instructor so to maximize your safety level while you jump.
  • It is more of risk-free jump because it is somewhat less technical.

Accelerated Freefall:

  • This skydiving option requires a more advanced level training due to the fact that you will be diving solo.
  • Your safety is still at high level as you will be accompanied by two AFF qualified instructors in the case you may need assistance during your dive.
  • This training comprises of seven (7) levels of technicality which covers all aspects and stages of the jump.
  • The earlier stages of training works on your knowledge and emphasizes the practical features of the jump. The final stages of the training comprises mostly of assessments to determine your preparedness to go solo and then certify you as a competent skydiver.

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